Light Pollution

Man’s invention of artificial light has done much to safeguard and enhance our night-time environment but, if not properly controlled, obtrusive light (sometimes referred to as light pollution) can present serious physiological and ecological problems.

Obtrusive Light, whether it keeps you awake through a bedroom window or impedes your view of the night sky, is a form of pollution, which may also be a nuisance in law and which can be substantially reduced without detriment to the lighting task.

Sky glow, the brightening of the night sky, Glare the uncomfortable brightness of a light source when viewed against a darker background, and Light Intrusion (“Trespass”), the spilling of light beyond the boundary of the property or area being lit, are all forms of obtrusive light which may cause nuisance to others and waste money and energy.


TLC can assist with the assessment of obtrusive light and the design of lighting schemes to minimise the adverse impact of lighting.

The ILP provide a useful guidance document on obtrusive light. To download a copy, please click on the image below.

ILP Obtrusive Light


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